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We are a group of Legal Professionals, Business Strategists, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, Social Media Marketers and Analytics Specialists, who decided to make Attorneys and Law Firms visible to their prospective clients, thereby creating new business opportunities for the Attorneys and the Law Firms.

We want to help Attorneys and the Law Firms to grow their clientele. We will assist you to discover and create new opportunities including consolidating the existing client base, to increase your revenue through various Client Development Plans.


Why be visible

  1. We make you VISIBLE.

    You should be always in touch with your ideal client so that they remember you when they have a new legal work. We make you VISIBLE before your ideal clients
  2. We are your Business Development Team

    How many law Firms can afford a Business Development Team? When you work with us, our entire team will work as your Business Development Team. We willhelp you to fight the status quo.
  3. We Accelerate your Growth

    We are in the business of doing the best for your firm to make it grow rapidly. Our army of Business Development professionals will rally around you to accelerate your revenue growth through implementation of innovative ideas, building your brand and expanding your client base.
  4. We know the Indian Legal Market

    We understand the Indian Legal Market. We know from where the legal work is coming and to whom it is going. We know how client development varies across the metro cities and other cities in India. Our team constantly discusses this aspect and we understand the trends.
  5. We will Transform your "Social Media" Presence

    Your clients and potential clients are in Social Media and hence you cannot stay away from Social Media. We offer social media management services, i.e. we not only upload your Content but also manage your Social Media Presence. We will transform your social media presence with high quality content and daily activities resulting in increased followers.
  6. We create great CONTENT for you

    "Content is the King" and those law firms who know how to use Content are making a lot of money. We create Newsletters, Email Campaigns, Videos, etc. for your law firm. Our Design Team makes these creations eye-catchy.
  7. We Design great Websites

    Your Law Firm is Unique and we want to tell your unique story through your website. Our team is great at creating a Professional & Lead Generating Website. Website is your Real Estate in the Cyberspace and we urge you to use it to your advantage.
  8. Confidentiality

    We do not provide our list of clients to anybody. We want to be known as the Business Development Team of our Law Firm clients and whatever products we bring out, all goes in the name of our client. We only tell the prospective clients the type of work we are currently doing for our existing clients, and what we can do for them. No throwing of big names.
  9. Transparency

    We are totally transparent. We will tell you in advance what we are going to do and we just do it.

Our Team

Our Advisory Board (Legal) consisting of In-House Counsels, Advocates and Legal Consultants have a combined experience of more than 200 Plus years of experience.

Our Design Team has a cumulative experience of 100 Plus Years and the Team has worked on 100+ websites, worked on re-branding many companies and has designed collaterals for numerous companies including MNCs.

Our Team practices a focused approach for your business development requirements. We don’t beat around the bush. With respect to our services, we take care of the “hard work” part. Your responsibility is only to approve the content, whether it is written or graphic. Further, the content developed by us for you, belongs to you.

Final point - If you are not impressed by our services, we will refund your money. No questions asked.


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